Our Practice

About Cognitive Bridges

Cognitive Bridges, Inc., previously known as The Learning Connection @ SpeechCare, is an innovative and progressive facility in East Memphis, Tennessee. We specialize in treating cognitive and brain disorders, including brain injuries and neurological impairment. We also provide advanced therapies for voice, speech, language, memory, and processing disorders.

Our team of Certified Brain Specialists has over 50 years of experience working with adults and children (pediatrics) and all levels of severity.

A Comprehensive Cognitive Development Center

One-on-one interactions are always beneficial when improving skills because of the attention to detail and the trust built in one-on-one interactions. Interacting with those at both higher and lower levels of ability helps clients to not only understand their own goals better, but also allows them to share their difficulties and experiences regarding learning.  With the continuous technological advancements in today’s society, computer programs (we monitor) may be recommended as an integral component of therapy.

Setting Goals Towards Functional Independence

Setting and reaching goals builds a rewards systems that increases motivation and interest. We regularly help clients set and reach their goals, making for a positive and successful experience throughout therapy.

Supportive Skills Therapy Staff and Environment

Here at Cognitive Bridges we understand the frustrations that both our clients and their families encounter. We are here to assist in any way that we can and happy to answer any questions and concerns.