Reviews and Testimonials

“Sharon is the best. Everyone said nothing could be done about my son’s memory loss because of a Traumatic Brain injury and she has worked on different things to help and we are showing progress. In less than a year we are seeing personality and some memory. The entire staff is encouraging and kind. My only regret is that no one had told us about her sooner. Sharon is always looking for ways to help. She keeps on working. I have confidence my son James will bloom under her even more. I wish more doctors with head injury patients would recommend her and find out about the wonderful work being done at Cognitive Bridges.”

– Teri


“We were so thrilled we were able to connect with Cognitive Bridges, after months of conventional physical, occupational, speech therapy and the feeling that we had exhausted all means of recovery; Cognitive Bridges was recommended to us by LeBonheur Children’s Neuropsychology Department.  Sharon Pollack was able to successfully narrow down where the root of Austin’s issues were and get him started with a program that has literally moved him ahead years in just a few short months. Austin has been able to go back to college and is well on his way to a full recovery and graduation. Her innovative approach to Cognitive therapy not only offered but provided our family hope at a time when it was quickly fading. Michelle has been great in her guidance of insurance issues and often times acted as a sounding board for this mother’s frustrations. We owe a lifetime of “thank yous” to Cognitive Bridges, Sharon Pollack and Michelle for giving Austin and our family the tools for a successful recovery after a traumatic brain injury that was considered by all medical doctors to be a life ending injury. Cognitive Bridges should have been our first stop in our journey; so thankful it is our last!!!”

– Tracy


“We have been so thankful for Sharon’s expertise and her dedication to Edward. We feel as though she thinks of him as her family and wants the best for him as we do. He has improved since beginning with her in many ways. His voice and speech, reading skills, writing skills, concentration and attention to detail have all improved drastically since Edward first saw her. Sharon has dedicated herself to fully understanding brain injury and we will be forever grateful for Sharon’s presence in Memphis!!!”

– Margaret


“Sharon, along with her entire staff, provide more personal attention and true caring about their patients than any other medical office or facility we have ever been to. We didn’t think medical care like this existed anymore!”

– George