Cognitive Skills Evaluations & Consultations

Cognitive Skills Evaluations and Consultations

At Cognitive Bridges we believe that by uncovering the underlying root cause of any skill difficulty, we can create a more targeted program for our clients.  Through individualized programs, techniques and strategies we are able to maximize cognitive skills recovery and/or learning potential for both children and adults.


Every first appointment starts with a consultation – why are you here?

This initial meeting will allow us to understand your needs, but also for you to meet and get a feel for our certified specialists.


Before mapping a plan, we evaluate each client using comprehensive tests and detailed analysis. The evaluation may include the following:

  • cognitive functioning
  • language skills
  • auditory processing
  • memory
  • reading and writing level

These evaluations will allow us to assess your needs and develop an individualized and targeted plan to maximize and accelerate your recovery or learning.


Throughout the course of treatment, screenings are performed to assess your progression.  These less intensive reviews allow us to adjust your program as appropriate to avoid plateaus and to keep you moving towards full recovery or maximized development.