Learning Skills Therapy

Learning Skills Therapy and Enrichment

By focusing on the entire spectrum of learning, individual areas will improve as the whole improves.

We not only zone-in on each client’s difficulty areas, but also enrich the cognitive skills necessary for achievement in school and life beyond school.

Reading and Writing Skills

  • Ability to read text comfortably and comprehend easily as the eyes move across each word and sentence.
  • Consistently increasing vocabulary so that more words are recognizable, therefore increasing faster comprehension.
  • Assistance and practice in brainstorming in order to have a basis for which to write.
  • Organizing thoughts in a logical way for producing coherent written responses.

Vocabulary Skills

  • Vocabulary enhancement and stimulation activities and methods.

Organization and Planning Skills

  • Activities and processes to help improve concentration and organization skills.

Memory Skills and Retrieval Strategies

  • Activities that increase retrieval ability when listening in order to execute proper verbal responses.
  • Practicing useful techniques to use during reading in order to comprehend and respond appropriately after reading a text.

Study Skills Training and Development

  • Learning the importance of organizing time and belongings and how that relates to overall success.
  • Setting expectations that prompt clients to become and stay organized.

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