Brain Training for Student Athletes

Whether your child is a star athlete or a bench warming the cognitive training offered by our certified team can provide a life time of benefits – on and off the field.

Our program is designed to help your athlete perform better on the court and in the classroom.

Cognitive training can improve memory, processing, decision making, and how your child manages emotions, and even self-confidence – skills that help in sports, but also in the classroom, and in life.

Just as your child practices his/her sport on a daily basis, brain training should become a part of the everyday routine. As such, our program is not designed as a once-a-week session, but rather we provide the tools and techniques so that your athlete can practice at home each night – supported through visits with our certified specialist. In addition our team can reach out to the coaches and teachers to create a plan tailored to your student athlete, supported by all those who support him or her.

We work with athletes of all ages, education-levels, and abilities. We can also support teams of any size, and at any level – from pee-wee, high school, college and professional athletics.