Concussion Alert – For Youth Sports

During play and otherwise, there are a series of different injuries one is susceptible to sustain. While some of them may manifest quickly in the form of bleeding, bruising, and pain, others take time to surface. These “hidden” injuries pose significant threat to your health and well-being, and may even lead to death if not addressed in a timely fashion. The concussion in one of them!

What is Concussion?

It is a kind of severe brain injury usually resulting from acute blow to the head. It occurs as a result of physical impact – either when something hits the head or the victim accidentally walks headlong into a barrier. Concussion typically does not manifest its signs immediately. It may take days or weeks for the symptoms to mature fully. Timely medical assistance is crucial to keep brain damage at bay.

Common Symptoms Associated with Concussion

Although concussions do not materialize physically, there are a few symptoms you can use to identify the problem in a timely manner. If you find anyone depicting any of these symptoms, rush for medical help immediately. The sooner you are able to get help for the victim (be it you or anyone else), the lesser the damage will be.

  • Confusion: The victim will depict confusion about his/her whereabouts and the incident. The person may look dazed, stunned, incomprehensible or unresponsive after impact.
  • Forgetfulness: The person forgets basic details like names, numbers and other personal information. S/he is most likely to forget instructions given to him/her.
  • Coordination Difficulties: The person walks clumsily, in a disoriented fashion and seems to have lost control over his/her body.
  • Slowed Reflexes: The victim has unconventionally slowed reflexes, taking a long time to think before reacting.
  • Unconsciousness: The injured party falls unconscious after impact, even if for a short duration.
  • Mood, Behavior and/or Personality Changes: Popular changes in mood include high irritability, unwillingness to converse, and sudden wish for seclusion.
  • Headache and/or Nausea: There may be a continuous throbbing pain at the affected area, often followed by nausea and/or vomiting.
  • Visual Impairment: The person is unable to see clearly, has double vision, and cannot make sense of his/her views.
  • Unexplained Sensitivities: Sudden development of sensitivity towards light or sound reflects unprecedented brain injury.

It is always a better idea to seek medical help immediately after any accident, especially if the impact occurs on the head. Timely discovery of the problem is key to rapid recovery.